Why Use Facebook Adverts in Recruitment?

Facebook adverts give you the right tools to reach out to great candidates.

Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users, so there’s a good chance that your next hire is among them.

However, merely posting an opportunity on your company’s profile won’t be enough to attract significant applicant numbers. The social media giant’s algorithms are notoriously unforgiving.

So, without Facebook ads, odds are the only people who’ll see your new opportunities will already work for your company.

But what are some of the specific advantages of using Facebook adverts?

Facebook Adverts Attract Passive Applicants

Users don’t tend to log onto Facebook to look for jobs. This means that it’s a great place to attract passive applicants. These candidates aren’t actively looking for work but might consider the right opportunity.

Tailored Facebook adverts will put your opportunities in front of cracking candidates who aren’t even thinking about the job search.

Tap Into an Active User Base

Facebook advertising allows you to be in front of candidates who are consistently online and interested in your business.

The average user spends 58 minutes on Facebook per day. And 58 minutes is plenty of time to convince a candidate to apply for your opportunities.

Connect via Mobile

In January 2021, 98% of Facebook users accessed the platform using a mobile device. 86% of job seekers who own a smartphone use their device in their search, so Facebook ads are a great way of sharing your opportunities with them.

Targeted Facebook Adverts

Facebook supports targeted advertising. So your advert is tailored to the people you want to hire.

Defining your audience and reaching out to them using target demographics is at the heart of our Facebook Recruitment solution.

To find out more about our Facebook Recruitment solution and how we use Facebook adverts to achieve your recruitment goals, contact us today.


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