Why Recruiters Should Care About Social Media Management

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have become part of everyday life. They’re great places to keep up with friends and family, hear about events, and discuss your interests. And they’re invaluable tools for recruiters.

So, here’s why recruiters like you should care about social media management:

Jobseekers Love Social Networks

While you might consider your website or your posts on job boards to be the best tools for finding applicants, candidates rely on their social media accounts to find their next role.

79% of job seekers use social media in their job search. And 1 in 10 land their next role via a social network.

Social Media Works for Recruiters Too

Professionals in our industry who have embraced social media report impressive results. In 2020, 71% of recruiters said that social networks had allowed them to fill non-managerial vacancies quickly.

And 59% of recruiters say that they find higher-quality candidates on social media: possibly due to the fact that you’ll find passive applicants who aren’t on job boards through these platforms.

Social Media Give You an Edge Over the Competition

Among recruiters, making use of social media is nowhere near as ubiquitous as, say, job boards. Between 36 and 39% of employers don’t currently engage with this aspect of digital recruitment.

Furthermore, many recruiters are focusing their energies on the wrong social networks. In a 2019 report, SproutSocial found that 94% of recruiters favoured LinkedIn, but 83% of job seekers were using Facebook to find opportunities.

Let Me Get Started Then

We love your enthusiasm, but social media management takes a lot of work and there are a number of potential pitfalls to consider.

First of all, the algorithms at play on platforms like Facebook are notoriously unforgiving. It takes consistent dedication (i.e. daily posting) to build up an audience and make sure your messages are reaching the right people.

Secondly, a strong social media presence can improve your brand’s standing across the internet. However, if this is done poorly, or visibly ‘on the cheap’, your social media accounts could in fact damage the public perception of your company.

So What’s the Solution?

Jobsi offers a proven Social Media Management solution just for recruiters like you. Last year, our methods won 17,444 extra Facebook likes for our clients: establishing a strong foundation for our Facebook Candidate Attraction Solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about how our approach can improve your online presence, driving a higher quality of candidate to your opportunities, give us a call today: 01902 921 560.

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