Why is Golf Good for Business?

The reopening of golf courses in England seems to have emptied offices all over the country. But this is a great thing for business.

I’ve bonded with prospects and clients over our predictions for the weekend’s rugby. And I’ve heard of people getting jobs based on a powerful serve.

But golf remains the sport of choice for professionals, with an estimated 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs playing the game.

So, why is golf so good for business?


Golf provides excellent opportunities for networking in comfortable settings. There’s no need to sweat over the wording of a prospecting email or think about what you’ll say on a cold call when you and your prospects are out on the links and focused on the game.

Some clubs let you simply turn up and get a round of golf. So, depending on your industry, you could meet brand-new prospects every time you play.


Friendships forged on the links can last a lifetime. But in time, these genuine relationships could help your business as your pals move into different roles and create new opportunities for you. These friends might even help you find your next job, as 85% of positions are now filled through networking.

Bringing Your Team Together

Golf isn’t just about forging new business relationships. It can also help to strengthen your rapport with your existing team. It can establish a common interest while creating opportunities for open, honest conversations in a pressure-free environment.

And it’s an all-ages game, with the handicap system levelling the playing field. This means everyone in your office can compete, regardless of experience.

A Test of Character

You’ll learn a lot about other players over a four-hour round of golf. You can observe how they handle themselves on the course, how they manage setbacks, and how they celebrate victory or concede defeat.

These observations will help you decide if they’re the kind of people you want to do business with.

A Genuine Break

Out in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful scenery, with no phone calls or emails vying for your attention, golf presents an opportunity to take a genuine break.

The sport offers a range of physical and mental health benefits which will support your overall productivity and wellbeing.

To arrange a meeting about attracting extra applicants to your opportunities, over Zoom or on the golf course, contact us today.

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