Who Still Uses Facebook in 2021?

With newer social networks like TikTok and Instagram seemingly dominating the zeitgeist, it’s fair to ask, ‘who still uses Facebook in 2021?’.

Still the Biggest Social Network

The short answer is literally billions of people. According to Statista.com, Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly users. By contrast, TikTok and Instagram have approximately 1 billion each. 

Generation Gap

So, with Facebook still clearly dominating the social media market, why do we hear less about it? As summarised by Better Marketing’s Jared A. Brock, it’s not as cool as it used to be. Kids under 18 are migrating en masse to newer platforms. This is because they “don’t want to be on the same network as their moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents”.

He also predicts that millennials are ready to go the same way. He cites the influence of documentaries like Netflix’s The Social Dilemma and the fact that this generation is now growing up, meaning they have less time to scroll through Facebook.

But, crucially, Jared points out that millennials haven’t left yet because there’s no real alternative to Facebook yet.

Other commentators don’t share Jared’s pessimism. Vox’s Kurt Wagner predicts that Facebook “may still be relevant a decade from now”, referencing popular changes such as encrypted communication and their Marketplace feature.

An Opportunity for Recruiters

So, in the absence of any real competition and a steady stream of welcome changes, Facebook’s 2.8 billion monthly users aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This creates a unique opportunity for recruiters, yet many miss a trick by favouring other social networks. According to a 2019 SproutSocial report, 83% of job seekers are active on Facebook, but only 65% of recruiters are. By contrast, 94% of recruiters actively use LinkedIn, while only 36% of job seekers do so.

Recruiters also fail to recognise the value of Facebook by focusing on job boards. The biggest job site in the world, Indeed, boasts 250 million unique monthly visitors, but this figure pales in comparison to Facebook’s 2.8 billion.

This is why you might hear, “Not everyone’s on the boring job boards, but everyone’s on Facebook,” being banded about Jobsi HQ. The social network is home to untapped talent pools brimming with cracking candidates for your opportunities. We take your opportunities straight to these Facebook users, streamlining the candidate journey.

Our proven, cost-effective brand awareness and ad-placement techniques grab the attention of even the most passive applicants. Then we make it easy for the candidate to apply using just their Facebook profile. And we make it easy for you too, using our API tool to extract candidate info from their accounts, ready for integration with your ATS and CRM databases.

So, who still uses Facebook in 2021? Your next hire, for one. To find out more about how our Facebook Recruitment strategy can help your business attract more candidates than ever before, contact us today.

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