Which Social Network is Best for Recruitment?

73% of millennials found their last job by using a social network. So social media has a part to play in any competitive recruitment strategy. But which platform is best for achieving your recruitment goals?


Despite recent controversies, TikTok remains very popular. The video-based social network boasts more than 1 billion monthly users, over 60% of which fall into the Gen Z demographic.

For the time being, businesses are mainly using TikTok to increase brand awareness. But some early adopters are starting to tap into its potential for recruitment.

As reported by the Recruitment Times, TikTok is also being used to create a unique form of social proof. Users are sharing videos showing what it’s really like to do their jobs, encouraging viewers to apply for opportunities with their company.


Twitter is a strong network for communicating with active and passive applicants alike. Unlike LinkedIn, you don’t need to connect with a user to start sending them messages. However, tweeting every potential applicant is a labour-intensive approach.

Furthermore, Twitter demands precision targeting of ads, and content has a very short lifespan on this platform.


Like TikTok, Instagram is hugely popular among Gen Z and millennial social network users. This makes it another great place to attract younger talent to your opportunities.

While the network’s popularity with recruiters is growing, there are significantly fewer on Instagram than other platforms. Therefore, if you’re able to create the kind of visual content which does well on the social network, it could be a great place to attract passive applicants without much competition.


86% of recruiters prefer this professional social network; hardly surprising considering the success of its Jobs feature. Three people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. And 40 million people use the professional social network to browse their 20 million job posts every week.

They even have a dedicated product to help recruiters which includes tools like tailored searches and ATS integration.

LinkedIn has also made efforts to appeal to applicants with their Easy Apply function. This replaces lengthy application forms with a one-click solution that shares the applicant’s profile and a pre-uploaded CV.

However, several recruitment blogs, such as Prepary and TopResume, warn that LinkedIn’s algorithms are relatively unforgiving. They suggest that candidates need polished profiles and keyword-rich CVs to succeed with Easy Apply.

Furthermore, LinkedIn’s focus on business means that it’s unlikely to attract the passive applicants you may encounter on other social networks.


With 2.8 billion monthly users, Facebook remains the world’s largest social network. This means it’s ideal for attracting passive applicants. And detailed facebook profiles often have all of the essential information you need from a candidate.

But it’s by no means perfect. Its scale and unforgiving algorithms mean it can be difficult to ensure that your ads are reaching the right people for your opportunities.

But that’s where Jobsi‘s Facebook recruitment solution comes in. We use tailored ads based on target demographics to make sure your ads are seen by the candidates you want to hire. We let them apply in a couple of clicks straight from the platform: weeding out time-wasters with qualifying questions and extracting their info ready for integration with your ATS database.

Last year, we attracted 70,000 additional applicants through Facebook alone. What difference would these candidate numbers make to your recruitment campaigns?

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