Using Social Media for Recruitment: a Beginner’s Guide

Using social media for recruitment is fast becoming an essential aspect of any recruiter’s digital marketing strategy.

These platforms carry the promise of being able to engage with millions (if not billions) of potential clients and candidates. But social networks are also home to unforgiving algorithms and lots of rubbish, brand-damaging content.

So, we’ve put together this guide to help you get the most out of social media for your recruitment business.

Building Your Brand’s Reputation

Great social media content will help your brand to stand out, cementing your reputation as the recruiter everyone wants to work with.

This is particularly important when it comes to hiring millennials. For this demographic group, company culture is the #1 factor in deciding who to work for. The more casual tone of social media communications gives you a chance to let your hair down and show what it’s really like to work with your firm.

Using Social Media for Recruitment Lets You Engage Passive Applicants

With an estimated 85% of employed workers open to switching jobs, passive candidates represent a massive, untapped talent pool.

By their nature, these applicants are unlikely to visit your website or happen upon your adverts on job boards. Like everyone else, they’re using their time online to socialise and keep up with their interests. Social networks are great places to do this, so great places for your job ads.

Be Aware of Different Social Networks

Different social networks lend themselves to different audiences. In using social media for recruitment, it’s worth keeping these differences in mind to make sure you’re attracting the people you want to work with.

Instagram and TikTok are more visual platforms. They’re popular with younger millennials and Gen Z respectively. Traditionally, Instagram was all about the selfie but video content in the vein of its newer competitor is becoming more popular.

LinkedIn remains the most popular platform among recruiters, with 94% using the social network. But, tellingly, only 34% of job seekers use LinkedIn.

Among those looking for opportunities, Facebook remains the social network of choice. 83% of job seekers are active on the platform.

Want Some Help?

While your teams can do a lot with social media in-house, effectively using social media for recruitment is a full-time commitment that could take up a lot of your resources.

So, whether you’re looking to build up an audience on Facebook or launch a robust candidate attraction strategy through your social media, contact us today: 01902 921 560.



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