With so many to choose from, it can be hard to say which are the top job boards for UK recruiters. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best for your business.


Three people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. 40 million people use the professional social network to browse through their 20 million job posts every week.

They have a dedicated product to help recruiters like us. Its key features include tailored searches and ATS integration.

LinkedIn has also made efforts to appeal to job seekers with their Easy Apply function. This replaces lengthy application forms with a one-click solution which shares the applicant’s profile and a pre-uploaded CV.

However, several recruitment blogs, such as Prepary and TopResume, warn that LinkedIn’s algorithms are relatively unforgiving. They suggest that candidates need polished profiles and keyword-rich CVs to succeed with Easy Apply.

This function doesn’t negate the problem of candidate drop off either, as evidenced by the existence of LinkedIn Recruiter’s Apply Starter feature. This allows the applicant to be contacted if and when they drop off by sharing their profile at the start of the application process.


Indeed claims to be ‘the #1 job site in the world’. Their global outlook means that they have less of a presence in the UK than other sites identified in our guide. According to SimilarWeb.com statistics, the UK accounts for just 3.17% of Indeed’s total visits.

However, with 250 million unique monthly visitors, a library of 175 million CVs, and ten jobs added every second, they remain one of the top job boards.

Indeed have introduced an Easily Apply function to support the candidate journey. Unlike similar features on other job sites, their version of this still requires the applicant to upload a CV and cover letter rather than simply sharing their profile. 

The job site argues that this is a feature for recruiters, too, increasing applicant numbers and supporting API integration. Indeed also facilitate applications through their mobile app, even if your website isn’t optimised for handheld devices.


CV-Library describes itself as ‘the UK’s favourite job board’. The 4.6-star rating of their recruiter function on TrustPilot is the highest score for all of the platforms detailed in our guide, suggesting that users agree.

Their headline figures are impressive too:

  • 16.1 million Total CVs registered.
  • 3 million job applications per month.
  • 15,000 CVs registered or updated daily.

CV-Library are also committed to transparency. They publish updated stats such as Job Applications, Candidate Registrations, and CV Downloads daily.

CV-Library supports recruiters with effective ATS integration, which they state can increase applications by 33%. This incorporates protocols to reduce candidate drop-off. For instance, you can be notified of incomplete applications via your ATS, allowing you to contact the candidate.

Their Quick Apply function is based on a profile that applicants create on the CV-Library platform. This allows candidates to apply for opportunities with a single click. However, the profile must be built from scratch as the information can’t be imported from Facebook, LinkedIn, or other platforms.


Totaljobs claim to be ‘the UK’s largest hiring platform’, with 280,000 live job adverts and a database of 21 million CVs.

Applicants create a Totaljobs profile, which is basically a public version of their CV. This allows them to be notified of suitable opportunities. This also facilitates an ‘easy apply’ of sorts, but candidates must also submit a CV for each opportunity: essentially asking them to repeat what is already on their profile.

Totaljobs fare better in their support for recruiters. They provide ATS software or allow for integration with programs which are already in place. They offer support with branding solutions, including integration with social media. And their SmartRecruiters tool tells you where your strongest applicants are coming from, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts.


The oldest jobs board in our guide, Monster has played a significant role in online recruitment since 1994.

They recently launched a new tool called SearchMonster, which claims to score applicants’ CVs based on recruiters’ specific criteria. However, TrustPilot reviews are critical of this new system, with candidates saying that they are now recommended unsuitable opportunities and recruiters expressing frustration with the UI.

Generally speaking, recruiters seem to be happier with Monster. Recruiters benefit from ATS integration with notifications of new applications, a ‘candidate dashboard’ providing oversight of searches and campaign performance, and in-depth industry reports.

For candidates, Monster has an Easy Apply function. Applicants can create a profile by importing their basic information from a Facebook or Google account. However, candidates still have to submit a CV and many posts redirect to the recruiter’s website, limiting this feature’s effectiveness.


Reed calls themselves ‘the UK’s busiest job site’, with:

  • 20.2 million active applicants.
  • 339,018 new vacancies every month.
  • A library of 12.1 million CVs.

They provide recruiters with a dashboard to manage communications with applicants. Reed also supports ATS integration.

Reed are one of the few job sites to offer a true Easy Apply function. To capitalise on applications from mobile devices, candidates can log in using their Google or Facebook accounts. And applicants can opt to use their LinkedIn profile instead of a CV, facilitating a hassle-free candidate journey.

What if none of these job boards are right for me?

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This complements your activities on the top job boards, delivering hundreds of extra applicants every week who may never visit job sites.

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