Recruiting Through Social Media in 2022

Recruiting through social media proved to be an essential strategy in 2021. With the recruitment landscape set to continue shifting in 2022, we expect that making full use of the candidate attraction resources at your disposal, including social media, will become more important than ever.

So, we’ve thought about some of the challenges we expect to hit the recruitment industry next year; and how a robust social media strategy might help you navigate them.

A Buyers’ Market for Candidates

There’s little dispute that the tables turned in recruitment in 2021. In the last year, there were more jobs than candidates for the first time in a generation. As reported by the BBC, England’s reopening in June saw the number of permanent opportunities rise at the fastest rate since 1997. But in the same month, the availability of workers fell to a 24-year low.

This challenge persists, as revealed by the findings of a Bank of England survey published today. Across the 3,000 businesses surveyed, 85% were finding it ‘harder than normal’ to attract new recruits, while 58% said it was ‘much harder.’

Recruitment through social media, therefore, may prove an invaluable approach as this trend endures. Social platforms facilitate data-driven, targeted campaigns crafted just for picky candidates. They make it easy by letting job seekers apply with a single click. And they’re a great space to share creative marketing aimed at passive applicants.

Recruiting Passive Applicants Through Social Media

With fewer and fewer people actively searching for work, passive applicants will be the essential talent pool to recruit from in 2022.

Social networks are great places to find these candidates. While Facebook, for instance, has become a favourite platform for job seekers, few people will start flicking through their newsfeeds with the express intention of finding work.

While anecdotal evidence suggests that passive applicants make extremely successful hires, they need something to entice them to leave the stability and security of their current job. So expect to see precision-targeted campaigns emphasising the full range of benefits and the working culture new opportunities can offer in the new year.

Retaining Through Social Media

With sourcing external candidates proving to be such a challenge, many firms are reviving a focus on employee retention.

Social media marketing will support the retention of your top talent in 2022. Expect to see a greater emphasis on publicly recognising and rewarding colleagues. Creative content will emphasise employer brand visions and values, highlighting how they align with those of their teams. And robust social recruitment strategies will facilitate smoother candidate journeys than ever; laying the groundwork for positive, enduring employee-employer partnerships from the off.

What Do You Think?

Which recruitment challenges are you anticipating in the new year? How do you foresee social media helping, or hindering, recruitment campaigns in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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