Recruiting in the Summer of Distractions

I’ve found it tough to stay focused this week. I imagine for those recruiting in the summer it’s difficult too.

With the first proper sunshine of the year, the football-related banter already kicking off (the perils of being a Scotsman working for a Midlands-based firm), and out of office email replies triggering endless daydreams of staycations, this is already proving to be the summer of distractions.

I’m hearing clients and prospects tell me that they’re not getting much from job boards at the moment. I reckon it’s got something with all of the distractions coming up taking candidates away from their screens:

The Euros

Let’s get the big one out of the way first. After a year’s delay, the European Championship kicks off with Turkey vs Italy tonight. And with an admittedly cracking starting XI for the Three Lions and Scotland’s first appearance in the competition since 1996, there’s going to be more than enough excitement here to help applicants forget all about the job hunt for the next month.

The Rugby

And there’s still lots going on for fans of the far superior team sport. Gallagher Premiership Rugby is in full swing with fans back at the five matches being played tomorrow. I’m just bitterly envious of the fans who grabbed tickets to watch the final at Twickenham at the end of the month. And then there’s the Lions Tour to look forward to after that.

Live Music

It’s not just sports that are turning job boards into ghost towns though. All going to plan, we should have proper standing gigs back from the end of this month. Until then, there are seated, limited-capacity events cropping up across the country and the Download pilot festival next weekend. The promise of some long-overdue liver and hearing damage would definitely take my mind off applying for work.


Whether you’re braving foreign travel or joining the 21 million Brits making the most of what’s on our doorstep, summer means holidays. Whether I was on a beach or at a Butlin’s, I wouldn’t be using my well-earned downtime to trawl through job boards.

What can we do to make recruiting in the summer easier?

Jobsi’s candidate attraction solutions are designed to get you candidates who are nowhere near job boards. We use tailored adverts to take your opportunities straight to untapped talent pools on Facebook. So while they’re scrolling, looking for a pub to watch the football in or a local gig, they can stumble upon your job ad and apply in a couple of clicks. Sorted.

And we’ll help your colleagues enjoy the summer of distractions that bit sooner too. We can export candidate information as a nice, neat Excel spreadsheet or integrate with your ATS, making things easy for your teams too.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you cheering on your team or chilling out instead of worrying about getting candidates. Contact us today.



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