At Jobsi, we’re rethinking recruitment for the on-demand age. 

Our approach streamlines the candidate journey. We bring your opportunities straight to the people you want to hire, generating applicant numbers you never dared dream of

What makes our approach different?

We take your opportunities straight to your ideal candidates on Facebook. Grab passive applicants‘ attention with our proven, cost-effective brand awareness and ad placement techniques. Our API tool extracts applicant info straight from their Facebook profiles for hassle-free integration with your APS and CRM databases.
By sending 500 messages a week on LinkedIn, we speak directly to your ideal candidates. Our precision approach to designing and implementing long-term social media campaigns ensures that your accounts attract high-calibre candidates and increase awareness of your brand. Our PPC Google ads solution attracts warm leads across multiple avenues without the fuss of SEO optimisation.


Jobsi’s recruitment approach supported our PLC customer to grow from 70,000 applicants a year to over 127,000, contributing to a £5 million increase in turnover!


What we do 

Facebook Recruitment 

Not everyone’s on the joyless jobs boards, but everyone’s on Facebook!

At Jobsi, we don’t hide your recruitment ads among millions of posts on job sites. Instead, we take them straight to untapped talent pools on Facebook, generating a minimum of 400 additional CVs per month

Firstly, we grab candidates’ attention with tailored ads based on target demographics. Then our proven, cost-effective brand awareness and ad placement techniques will ensure that these ads reach even the most passive applicants. Finally, we make it as easy to apply for your opportunities through this platform. 

We make recruitment easy for you too. Our team takes care of the whole Facebook advertising process, from campaign management through budgeting to design. And our API tool extracts applicant info straight from their Facebook profiles for hassle-free integration with your APS and CRM databases. So, you’ll have access to a massive catalogue of cracking candidates to draw upon at peak recruitment times. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation 

First impressions count, especially on a crowded platform like LinkedIn. So, our team of expert copywriters will make the perfect introduction every time, helping your brand to stand apart. 

We send 500 messages a week to the people you want to talk to the most. This makes the candidate journey as smooth as possible because they don’t even need to click an ad to hear about your opportunity.

This technique can also lead to new business as we’ll reach out to the clients, suppliers and partners you can’t wait to work with. Using tailored introduction messages, we’ll get your ideas across in a way that speaks directly to them.

Social Media Management 

Ensure everything great about your business shines through on your accounts with our social media management solutions

Firstly, we identify the candidates you want to attract to each platform. Then we craft content which helps your brand stand out to them. 

Our precision approach to designing and implementing long-term social media campaigns removes the trial-and-error from managing your accounts. As a result, we can ensure that every like, comment and retweet attracts more high-calibre candidates while increasing awareness of your brand

PPC Advertising 

Do you want to grab your candidates’ attention as soon as they turn their browser on before they even log in to LinkedIn or Facebook? If so, our PPC Google ads are the solution for you. 

We’ll pin your target audience down by carefully analysing demographic data. Crucially, this approach attracts warm leads across multiple avenues without the fuss of SEO optimisation or having to worry about ever-changing algorithms. 

Over 12 months, the Jobsi approach encouraged 16,917 engagements with Google ads on behalf of a single client!

Website Development 

We know you work hard on making every aspect of your business look great, from keeping your premises immaculate to crafting eye-catching business cards. So let us bring your website up to the same standard, drawing in even more candidates by assuring them that yours is the brand they want to work with. 

Jobsi supports your website with:

  • Blogs: SEO-optimised and so brilliant they should be on bestseller lists.
  • Administration: leaving all the technical stuff to us 
  • Consultancy: from absolute experts 
  • Website Creation: crafting a perfect site from scratch which applicants will love 
  • Maintenance: to keep everything running smoothly 
  • User Testing: so only the most wonderful web pages reach your candidates 

Contact Us 

If you’re ready to revolutionise recruitment for your business, get in touch today: 

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