How to Recruit Candidates from a Different Industry

According to TotalJobs, 70% of people are more likely to consider working in a different industry after the Coronavirus crisis. So, how can you recruit candidates looking to work in a new sector?

Think About the Skills each Industry Nurtures

All experiences will equip candidates with transferable skills. It’s just a matter of identifying which skills you’re looking for and industries which nurture these. For instance, candidates with backgrounds in retail and hospitality will have excellent customer service skills.

Find Candidates with Similar Values

Hiring candidates with backgrounds in different industries is an opportunity to put the mantra “hire for attitude, train for skill” into practice. While they won’t necessarily have the requisite industry knowledge from day one, if their values and attitudes align with yours, they could be with your company for a long time.

According to Brent Gleeson at Forbes, cultural fit is the most important factor in retaining colleagues. This is supported by research conducted by Robert Walters, which found that 73% of professionals have left a company ‘due to experiencing a poor cultural fit’.

Untapped Potential

Thinking about longevity, hiring a candidate from a different industry could help them to realise their potential. The experience of learning about your company and sector will bring out their resilience and adaptability. With the right support, they could become key assets to your team as this experience will show their drive and eagerness to learn.

A Fresh Perspective

If you hire someone who’s done the same job for a different company, they’ll probably carry on doing things as they always have. This may seem like an advantage. However, they might not be as receptive to understanding how your team does things differently from their former employers.

However, if you bring in a candidate from another industry, it will all be new to them. Training them is an opportunity for your whole team to go back to basics, sharing your recruit’s learning experience.

By bringing a fresh perspective and drawing upon their old industry experience, your new hire could even find a better way of doing things.

Whether you’re looking to hire within your sector or from a different industry, contact us today.


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