The End of Recruiting with Facebook?

Just before Christmas, Meta announced that they will be shutting down the Facebook Jobs service in all territories outside the USA and Canada. Does this mean the end of recruiting with Facebook?

The changes come into effect on 22nd February, giving the recruitment industry just over six weeks to get to grips with how hiring through the world’s biggest social network will be transformed.

However, at Jobsi, we are seeing the development as nothing to worry about. In fact, we foresee additional benefits for recruiters hiring with Facebook in 2022.

What do the Changes Mean?

In essence, Meta’s announced changes to the Facebook Jobs product mean the end of organic (or ‘unpaid’) job advertising on the Facebook platform. This will probably be most noticeable as Meta removes the Facebook jobs groups, reclassifying them as ‘general’ groups. From late February, you’ll therefore see much less ‘spamming’ of jobs across the social network.

Linked to this, Meta is also putting a stop to distributing free jobs through partner API tools. This will contribute to making the creation of job adverts, and therefore recruiting through Facebook, a much more intricate process than it is now.

What are the Expected Benefits?

First of all, making recruiting through Facebook a more complex process isn’t a bad thing. At the moment, just about anyone can create a job post and click ‘boost’. Removing this easy functionality will reduce competition and drive costs down.

Furthermore, the news of these changes has given digital marketing partners like us the chance to be creative. Cards on the table: at Jobsi, we’ve been aware that these changes could happen for some time now. So, we’ve been using that time to stay ahead of the curve by testing new adverts.

These new adverts incorporate one-click apply functionality and multiple candidate extractions per day. They also let us use more intricate targeting, which will increase the quality of candidates we get through Facebook.

If you’d like to learn more about how recruiting through Facebook is about to change, and how Jobsi can help you to make the most of this, contact us today.




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