Creating a Digital Recruitment Strategy

A robust digital recruitment strategy is essential to success in our digital, on-demand era.

Here are some of our top tips for crafting a recruitment strategy to attract more high-calibre candidates than you ever thought possible:

Tailor Your Content for Your Ideal Candidate

Spend some time thinking about your perfect applicant. Are you looking to attract Gen Z kids straight out of school or older, more experienced applicants?

This will influence the kind of content you develop and share and the platforms that feature in your recruitment strategy. For instance, if you’re looking to encourage young entrepreneurs, newer social platforms like TikTok and Instagram should take pride of place in your strategy. But other groups might prefer to hear from you via email or by visiting your website.

Once you’ve found your target audience, talk to us about implementing tailored ads based on demographic data.

Adopt a Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Social media has a part to play in any successful digital recruitment strategy. 79% of applicants use social networks in their job search. And 1 in 10 job seekers finds their new role using social platforms.

Social media platforms remain incredibly popular. Market leader Facebook boasts 2.8 billion monthly active users. Therefore, these networks allow you to tap into a huge audience to increase your brand awareness. Not to mention attracting applicants who aren’t necessarily on job boards.

Increasingly, recruiters are also using newer social networks like TikTok to offer social proof to prospective applicants. Employee Take Overs are a popular theme for content on this platform. As the name suggests, colleagues post their own videos on the company account, offering a rare glimpse into what it’s actually like to work for the business.

Whether you want to try new and innovative approaches like these Takeovers or simply make the most of your likes, retweets, and follows, download our brochure to learn about our Social Media Management solution.

Streamline the Candidate Journey

A key advantage of digital hiring over traditional recruitment strategies is that it presents opportunities to streamline the candidate journey. For example, 52% of job seekers look for opportunities from their bed. And that’s much easier to do on a mobile device than with a big, unwieldy paper application!

But many recruiters are failing to consider the candidate journey in developing their recruitment strategy. The typical drop-off rate during an application process is 80%, and time-consuming applications are often enough to put a strong candidate off applying altogether.

But digital tools already exist to address these problems, especially if they’re fully considered in your recruitment strategy. For instance, at Jobsi, we use an API programme to extract applicant information straight from their Facebook profile, ready for integration with your APS and CRM databases.

By removing complex application forms, we support a streamlined candidate journey. This played a huge part in our attracting more than 70,000 additional applicants in 2020.

For help with crafting a robust digital recruitment strategy for your business, contact us today.

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