Candidate Attraction: How to Improve Your Strategy

Your candidate attraction strategy has never been more important, especially as we head into peak and the widely-publicised staffing shortages start to bite.

But it’s not too late to assess your approach to candidate attraction. To that end, here are some common problems which can undermine solid candidate attraction strategies.

Consider Your Application Process

As many as 80% of prospective candidates will abandon a job application process, according to Glassdoor data. Fortunately, there are many ways to streamline this process.

Firstly, you may consider abandoning the cover letter or even the CV requirement entirely. In many cases, straightforward qualifying questions will reveal the key information you need to progress an applicant to the interview stage.

Furthermore, it is now possible to invite candidates to apply with their logins from familiar platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. And these kinds of applications work seamlessly on mobiles, too.

In turn, many such platforms now support ‘one-click apply’ functions. So, key information can be extracted from candidate profiles. This streamlines the process for applicants and recruiters alike.

Make Sure Applicants Know What to Expect

Lots of job descriptions manage to be pages long without saying anything at all. Candidates are attracted to job adverts which clearly signpost essential details, like pay rates and benefits.

Also, this is where your social media content can really support candidate attraction. Sharing testimonials or even simple ‘meet the team’ posts will make your opportunities seem more attractive. And this content will grow your brand’s presence on social platforms.

Advertise in the Right Places

When it comes to candidate attraction, it’s pivotal that you advertise your opportunities where prospective applicants will see them. This may seem obvious, but stats show that recruiters and applicants often have different ideas about where job searches should start.

For instance, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search, but up to 39% of recruiters don’t currently advertise on these platforms. Furthermore, it seems like recruiters and applicants disagree on which social networks are best for recruitment. In a 2019 report, SproutSocial found that 94% of recruiters preferred LinkedIn, but that 83% of job seekers preferred to use Facebook while looking for opportunities.

To learn more about candidate attraction and how our proven solutions can help you through peak, contact us today.

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