The End of Recruiting with Facebook?

Just before Christmas, Meta announced that they will be shutting down the Facebook Jobs service in all territories outside the USA and Canada. Does this mean the end of recruiting with Facebook? The changes come into effect on 22nd February, giving the recruitment industry just over six weeks to get to grips with how hiring through the world’s biggest social

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Candidate Attraction: Common Oversights

Candidate attraction is an essential part of the recruitment process. You might write the perfect job spec for a great opportunity and create an engaging ad. But if no applicants are drawn to it, it might be time to look at your candidate attraction rate. What is a Candidate Attraction Rate? Your candidate attraction rate is the number of people

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Recruiting Through Social Media in 2022

Recruiting through social media proved to be an essential strategy in 2021. With the recruitment landscape set to continue shifting in 2022, we expect that making full use of the candidate attraction resources at your disposal, including social media, will become more important than ever. So, we’ve thought about some of the challenges we expect to hit the recruitment industry

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Candidate Attraction: How to Improve Your Strategy

Your candidate attraction strategy has never been more important, especially as we head into peak and the widely-publicised staffing shortages start to bite. But it’s not too late to assess your approach to candidate attraction. To that end, here are some common problems which can undermine solid candidate attraction strategies. Consider Your Application Process As many as 80% of prospective

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Staffing Shortages – What’s Causing Them?

Staffing shortages are on everyone’s mind at the moment; not just recruiters’. It feels like every other day the papers are reporting a deficit of workers in sectors ranging from hospitality through care to even the media¬†itself. But what factors have caused these shortages? And what can we do about it? Brexit and Migration There is some debate about the

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