Social Media is growing at a fast pace. Gone are the days of spending your whole marketing budget on posters, magazine ads, and billboards. Having a strong presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms does more than increase brand awareness. It can also attract more high-calibre candidates to your business.

Here are four of our top tips for using social media to achieve your recruitment goals.


1) Identify Your Goal and Audience: Attracting Cracking Candidates

Would you like to publicise a current vacancy? Maybe you want to increase awareness of your brand ahead of peak recruitment?

Make sure you plan what you’d like to achieve from your social media page. You can then create posts to encourage this.

Your posts will receive engagement if you keep a well-defined target audience in your mind as you’re creating content.


2) Maintain Brand Continuity Across your Social Accounts

It can be difficult to create matching brand profiles and identities on social media. It’s important to be as consistent as possible, so your brand becomes instantly recognizable online. Keeping your posts suited to your brand goes a long way and resonates with your customers and potential applicants.


3) Focus on Helping, not Selling

No one wants to follow a social media account if they’re constantly on the hard sell. By creating content that is informative for your customers, they have a reason to follow your pages.

For example, if you’re a hairdresser, you could post styling tips. This would encourage your followers to like, share and save your videos. Therefore, this will inevitably increase your online footprint and as well as showing your expertise. This will resonate with high-calibre candidates when they’re looking for their next opportunity.


4) Call in the Social Media Experts

To plan posts, design the content, schedule, review, and engage in your social media platforms effectively is a big job. By having your social media managed professionally, the benefits to your business can be huge.

Here at Jobsi, we have a team of creative professionals to do this for you. This can then leave you to get back to what you enjoy doing, running your business!

Contact us today to find out more about our Social Media Marketing solutions.

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