Four Digital Content Mistakes to Avoid

Digital content is an amazing way to help build your brand image and increase awareness of your company online. Especially when you pair it with social media. If done correct all of this could cost your business nothing, with a lot to gain.

With that being said, here are four digital content mistakes to avoid online:

Mistakes to avoid


A big mistake that can turn out quite costly is not getting the correct permission when sharing digital content. Make sure you always get the right permissions when using something that isn’t original. Not doing so could result in a legal battle for your business and a big bill at the end of it.

Along with getting the right permissions to share this digital content make sure you credit the original uploader. This could even help form an excellent partnership in the future.

Hit and run

It is no good just putting a load of content up in one go and then ignoring it for the next three months. Your digital content is something that should be nurtured and used to peak people’s interests. You want people to be waiting for your next post, too long a wait and they may be off to a rival.

Make sure your post consistently!

Appeal to your audience

So many times, we have audited a client to see that their digital content is totally out of line with their target audience. If your content doesn’t appeal to your audience then you lose out on potential sales. If your clients are in the younger or older demographic you need to make sure you capitalise on the things that appeal to them.


Make sure that you post your digital content at the times where you will get the most likes, follows and shares. We often see people who want more clients but aren’t prepared to post at the times people are generally available. For example, posting late at night for US marketing. Not posting at a time to suit your potential client means they will never become a client.


When creating or using digital content remember to have the right permissions if you are sharing from others and make sure that it appeals to your audience. Where possible making sure content is unique and posted at the appropriate time so it will appeal to your audience.

If you need help with your digital content and want to avoid all the mistakes you could ever make contact the Jobsi team today.

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